Aroma Italiano Eco Design Bio Architecture Consultant

About Us:

Project and build with ethics.


Manuel Valle

25 years of experience in technical consulting,
process analysis, design and new technologies.

FOCUS: Construction Process Optimization, Passive Systems


Marina Pilia

25 years of experience in concept and product design,
creative consultancy, marketing and communications.

FOCUS: Bio-Concept, Design e Eco Materials, Wellness.


Margherita Valle

5 years of experience in architectural design,
interior design, lighting technique.

FOCUS: Modular and Parametric Design, Smart Urbanism.

About Aroma Italiano

Aroma Italiano, was founded in Costa Rica in 1992 as a bridge company to promote new technologies in the construction field on emergent markets in Latin America.

Since 2006, through experience gained by the two founder-members in the field of Bio Architecture and Sustainable Architecture, Aroma Italiano has set his goal in promoting, designing and building healthy,  safe and durable houses, product of technologies and materials harmless to humans and the surrounding, environmental friendly and suitable for the energy saving.

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