Aroma Italiano Eco Design Bio Architecture Consultant

A Sustainable, Healthy, Eco Home in Costa Rica! 

Aroma Italiano Eco Design offers in Costa Rica full service in Eco Design and Sustainable Architecture, building Eco-friendly Homes, with a special focus on Passive House and Conscious Building with European standards, contact us!

Our goal is to build with awareness,
respecting the human being and his health

Aroma Italiano Eco Design provides an alternative to conventional construction techniques.
Our passive design has a low environmental impact, use renewable energy, natural and eco-friendly materials and sustainable building technologies. We build high quality and European standard eco luxury homes with a special focus on wellbeing and living comfort.

An Aroma Italiano Eco Design house 
is a safe investment

With Aroma Italiano Eco Design is now possible to build a house reflecting the concepts of Health, Durability, Savings as well as practical investments. Contact us to get started with your luxury eco home in Costa Rica.
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