Aroma Italiano Eco Design Bio Architecture Consultant


Luxury Eco Home Costa Rica

The project of a white house, reminiscent of the islands of Spain, where hospitality and crystal water combine to give life to a house made of spaces and atmospheres.

The water path is the creative heart of the Bio Domus Aquea projects. The water element visually take us through the house creating unique perspectives and scenarios. From the water fountain in the patio of entrance, to the great mirror of water that is the hearth of the house which joins visually to the blue of the swimming pool outside. A convivial house designed to receive: large living spaces, splendid terraces, but also an intimate and relaxing house.

Bio Domus Aquea reflects the concept of a important house, to love for its beauty, its depth of field, the large windows on the interior patios, the thickness of the walls, the chromatic choice, the natural materials. Everything reminds a real house, a house from the modern perspective, which reinterprets the ancient space proper of the “Domus”.

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