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Quality of life, quality of living.

Bio-Architecture Model | Eco design

Improvement of the quality of life begins in our homes, from our habits and the lifestyles we adopt. Nowadays the existing houses have little comfort, disperse energy and have problems with air quality, besides being built with poor quality due to the bad custom of saving on important aspects. For these reasons, in recent decades, architecture has become increasingly sensitive to give priority to health protection and the pursuit of a better quality of life.

Bio-Architecture is in this sense, a set of disciplines that apply to ensure a healthy life in harmony with the environment and the surrounding thanks to the use of noble and eco friendly materials that provide health, safeness and a high comfort. The constructive process provided by the new concept of building has regained construction techniques and materials used by man since ancient times, contextualizing them in the current panorama of new solutions and processes for a sustainable architecture. One need only consider the advantages of brick and wood, either from the point of view of structural performance, duration, safety and energy savings. Good construction begins with choosing the place where to build our home, its orientation, the implementation of healthy foundations and breathing walls, and a particular attention to the room layout, and the correct ratio of light and ventilation.

7 Points for a green house

Aroma Italiano has identified seven key processes in the building of a sustainable house according to Bio-Architecture techniques:

  • Insulated and ventilated foundations
  • Anti-seismic loadbearing walls that are both healthy and breathable
  • Composite wood-steel-concrete floor slabs
  • Ventilated and breathable roofs
  • Passive systems for natural air circulation
  • European opening systems, for proper ventilation and daylight diffusion
  • Renewable energies for a complete energy self-sufficiency
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