Aroma Italiano Eco Design Bio Architecture Consultant

Project Design:

Design and Green Building for comfortable and healthy housing.

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Living-space designer 

Building and designing a house entails numerous different processes, i.e. Analysing thoroughly the costumer’s needs and life-style, defining the personality of the house, result of a careful study of architectural drawing, the morphology of the ground, the location, as well as the climatic conditions of the region where the house will be built. 

In Aroma Italiano we define ourselves as living-space designers careful to offer, as real tailors, the best solution for each costumer, for a healthy house with a high living comfort and ethically sustainable, a Bio Architecture house.

  • We examine the ergonomics of the spaces so that they can be both functional and confortable
  • Playing around with volumes, lights and perspectives to create dynamic environments with depth of sight
  • We research technical and innovative solutions for a smart and responsible architecture in accordance with the client's budget
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