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Ansaldo STS.

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Complete Transportation Solutions - Passengers and Freight

All around the world, Ansaldo STS supports its clients to create and develop more reliable and sustainable networks that ease urban mobility and solve the challenges of today’s population and cities’ rapid growth.

From passenger to freight transportation networks, from urban to intercity and cross-border high speed lines, Ansaldo STS designs and deploys cutting-edge technologies to meet operators’ needs and optimize performance independently of traffic density and complexity.
Ansaldo STS has left its mark in the rail industry by implementing advanced technologies on major projects such as:

  • ERTMS/ETCS solutions combined with High Speed Rail, Conventional lines or Heavy Haul technologies for safer and interoperable networks
  • Satellite positioning technology for safer and more accurate rail traffic management
  • Driverless solutions to improve operational efficiency and flexibility and reduce operation and maintenance costs
  • CBTC signalling technology to increase performances and reduce headway through a real moving block
  • Catenary free combined with tramway technology (TramWave®) to preserve the environment and historical city centers
  • Broad Components portfolio, covering all aspects of signalling and systems solutions (such as Switch Machines, Signals, Level Crossings, Relays, etc.)


Ansaldo STS plans, designs, manufactures, installs and commissions signalling components, systems and integrated mobility solutions for the management and control of new and upgraded Railway, Transit and Freight lines worldwide and acts as a lead contractor and turnkey provider on major projects worldwide.