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The colour, the soul of the house.

Yellow is creativity | Colour and Health Red is dynamism | Colour and Health Green is harmony | Colour and Health Pink is relax | Colour and Health
Grey is neutral | Aroma Italiano Eco design Warm and neutral colours | Aroma Italiano Eco design Brown and White are Neutral colours Harmony and Relax colours, Green and Pink
Grey colour is stability | Aroma Italiano Eco design Red is Warm colour Orange is antidepressant colour Neutral colour
Neutral and warm colours  | Aroma Italiano Eco design Pink is neutral colour | Aroma Italiano Eco design Mix of Neutral colour | Aroma Italiano Eco design Mix of relaxing colours | Aroma Italiano Eco design

Colour and health

Since ancient times the use of colours was linked to the particular connotation ascribed to each chromatic shade. As of today we know that colours, or more precisely the waves that constitute them, affect directly on our physical, emotional and mental states, with a positive or negative impact.

Chromotherapy is the science that assesses the effects of chromatic stimuli on the physical and mental wellbeing of the individual.

The colour key

Colours are divided into warm colours (red, orange, magenta, soil) cool colours (blue, purple, azure, green) and neutral colours ( white, pink, grey, black, brown, beige). A harmonic scheme must include both warm and cool shades of colour.

  • Neutral Colours: Open or Close
    • White: It’s a positive colour, a blend of all colours. White connotes harmony, balance, neatness and freshness, besides brightness and simplicity. It is revitalizing, stimulating the production of vitamin D. It’s the colour of purity, innocence, novelty and optimism.
    • Black: The colour of formality, symbol of elegance, power and admiration. Also connotes solemnity, mystery and prestige. Combined with warm colours can convey vigour and fierceness.
    • Grey: A sober colour, neutral and inspiring for productiveness. It’s the colour of stability, and the right path to success.
    • Beige/Brown: These are colours which transmit a sense of warmth and smoothness are both relaxing and comforting, yet they spur conversation.
  • Cold Colours: Open or Close
    • Green:  It’s the colour of nature, harmony, balance and the emotional stability. It has a healing power for several disorders; it improves sight, stimulates growth and lowers blood pressure. Furthermore it conveys constancy and perseverance, as well as self-confidence.
    • Purple/Indigo: Soothing, spiritual and meditative, stimulate hopefulness and valour. They have healing capability for various conditions such as inflammations, fever, nervous tension, mental anxiety and high blood pressure. Overall the colour of wellbeing, tranquillity and thoughtfulness.
    • Blue: Deeply relaxing and soothing colour, it symbolizes peacefulness, reflection and introspectiveness, and recovers sleep. It has healing properties for high blood pressure, asthma, headaches and furthermore can be a remedy for tension. It is the colour of quietness.
  • Warm Colours: Open or Close
    • Red: It’s a stimulating exciting and revitalising colour. Is a powerful energiser, proper for the times of feebleness and lack of vigour or low blood pressure, as it stimulates blood flow. Red is the colour of dynamism and strength, of confidence and passion.
    • Orange: Inspiring and antidepressant, it wakes the inner joy and has a powerful reinvigorating effect on the psyche, prompting positive thoughts, communication and a good digestion. It is the colour of happiness.
    • Yellow: It’s a powerful mental and muscular energiser. It aids concentration and attentiveness for learning and researching activities. It releases tension, and being curative it benefits the immune system. It’s the colour of change, innovation and creativity.