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FoundationsAerated Flooring System | Eco design

House heals from the roots: no humidity, no contamination, and no gas radon

A healthy home needs healthy foundations, a dry floor slab and a constant control of humidity that rises from the ground. The aerated structural flooring system known since ancient Rome, is simple, secure, and of easy and rapid installation. Made of recycled-plastic domes, forming a self-bearing structure, on which is laid a concrete slab. The Under-slab passages and tunnels formed under the plastic molds communicate with outside through openings placed on multiple sides of the building, allowing a constant ventilation with consequent elimination of humidity and radioactive gases, such as radon gas.


  • Drastic reduction of installation times and labor cost
  • Elimination of gas radon through the natural ventilation
  • Saving concrete and aggregate
  • Waterproofing against humidity
  • Under-slab space for easy running services such as cables and pipes
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