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Renewable Energy.

Renewable Energy

Energy eco-efficiency: a contribution to the planet

The Kyoto Treaty signed at Rio de Janeiro in 1992 has made us conscious that a rational and efficient planning is the first step to safeguard our environment and the future of the planet. In designing a bioclimatic House high energy efficient and zero environmental impact - the use of renewable energy sources is essential. The so-called “eco-energies” are all those not exhaustible natural resources (sun, wind, water, organic materials, and the heat of the Earth) that produce energy constantly and whose use does not affect future generations. Today usable renewable energy: solar-thermal energy by the active and passive heating of water, the photovoltaic and wind power, geothermal, hydraulics and bio-masses energies for electricity production. The continuous research and experimentation conducted in recent years on the possibilities offered by renewable energy has helped to reduce the costs of production, with a positive worldwide spread. Clean energy for everyone.


  • Reducing energy cost
  • Eco self- sufficiency
  • Zero environmental impact
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