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Brick Wall System | Eco design

A Wall: healthy, durable, fireproof and beautiful

Chief material of “good building” ethics, totally free of harmful emissions, multi functional and characterized by a wide range of structural performances, thermal-acoustic and aesthetic, the brick is supplanting the use and abuse that has been made of concrete in recent years. Designers today are looking towards healthy and durable materials, to guarantee energy savings in compliance with the latest regulations and respecting the worldwide more rigid seismic codes. The trend of healthy, safe building and durable, efficient housing has reconsidered brick and its characteristics, becoming the protagonist of a constructive system, highly efficient and with low environmental impact.


  • Internal humidity regulation
  • Absence of radioactivity
  • Reduced thermal bridges
  • Durability
  • Reduction of iron usage
  • Building more tied
  • Fireproof
  • Acoustic insulation 
  • Permeability to the Earth’s electromagnetic field
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