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Natural Ventilation System | Eco design

A ventilated home, is a healthy home

Proper ventilation and constant circulation are the first step to ensure a healthy indoor micro-climate and avoid (especially in areas characterized by humidity) harmful condensation, and the formation of mold or fungous. The study of an adequate system of openings, the choice of their position, the evaluation of the wind regarding the location of the house, are the basics to get the right air quality and thermal comfort inside the house. Hereof the choice of a system whose functional characteristics match both with required thermal comfort and natural ventilation is vital. Todays modern solutions from natural ventilation provided by the use of tilt-and-turn windows system. This typology allows two opening positions, one with full aeration in short times (openness to swing), the other by constant ventilation in controlled and safe mode.


  • Energy saving, no air conditioner
  • Healthy micro-climate
  • Elimination of humidity, condensation, mold
  • Thermal comfort
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