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Composite Floor Slabs | Eco design

Nice, high quality, safe. Meets the aesthetic and the comfort of the house

The composite wood-steel-concrete floor slabs are an easy, inexpensive and reliable system. Wood-concrete union offers a structure stronger than a slab made of only wood, and a more lightweight and flexible than a floor slab made entirely of reinforced concrete. The wood is not only a noble material and renewable resource, it's as well elastic, light and durable. Therefore its application in seismic zones is considered ideal. The composite wood-steel-concrete floor slabs technique is not only a more economic choice, is easy to realize and today is widely used, because of its multiple ways of application, brought by continuous research and innovation conducted by many companies.


  • Lighter than a concrete floor slab
  • Safer thanks to the excellent seismic performance
  • Easy installation
  • Aesthetic quality wood
  • Increased living quality, the wood treated with natural oils, has hygrometer function
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