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Armalab Eco-sustainable Engineering | Aroma Italiano Eco Design

Sustainability as a rule of project planning.

Armalab is a team of professionals: dynamic, flexible and interdisciplinary, whose focus has been eco-sustainable planning for several years now. A highly focused planning analysis, provided with the most advanced technical, architectural and structural knowledge for the planning of bioclimatic buildings, with low environmental impact and energetically sustainable, in accordance with the most notable international protocols (Leed, Itaca, SB100 ANAB, Casaclima, Cened).

Armalab perceives mindful planning as a daily commitment, aiming to satisfy on 360° the criteria of eco-efficiency and sustainable structure design: planning research, monitoring and testing of innovative materials, advanced structural planning and directive engineering of wood employing pioneering constructive varieties complying with the latest standards, experimentation and development of new products and solutions for living wellbeing and safety.