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An historic company dedicated to manufacturing and designing steel sructures for a lighter, more modern architecture. Steel innovation.

Nenzi, with the the experience of over three generations designing and constructing steel structures is able to offer the construction of modern and cutting edge structures.

The desire for innovation and modernity of a young and dynamic group linked to the experience and the historicity of the pillars of Nenzi can offer customers the highest level of efficiency and quality. For all that Nenzi is capable of making earthquake-resistant steel buildings or other types of structures with an always unique and innovative design and character.

Steel structures thanks to their mechanical performance and are a guarantee for the safety and protection of persons. The steel, in fact, need a foundation of small size compared to other materials, thus less costs of masonry, is a 100% recyclable material so it does not pollute, it is fast because the production is done in the workshop and on the construction site is only the 'assembly. Our industry expertise allows us to build structures for the industry with efficiency, accuracy and quality, ensuring our customers an excellent quality of products.