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Eclisse Sliding Door Systems
Eclisse Sliding Door Systems | Aroma Italiano Eco Design

From an intimate space to an open area, Eclisse transforms your house.

Since 1989, Eclisse has been responding to the space requirements of modern architectural projects, proposing high quality pocket sliding door systems, differentiating itself from its competitors thanks to its innovative solutions. Innovation and care in the component choice have always been the leading thread and the strategic factor that have permitted to perfection the idea that Eclisse wants to give to the sliding door system.

Eclisse’s door sliding systems are the product of constant technological innovation, not only through achieving the optimization of living space, but also broadening the interior design possibilities, reinterpreting with a contemporary twist the concept of partition and employment of domestic spaces.

To innovate means conceiving and developing functional and pioneering solutions to familiarize spaces and simplify daily life. That is why Eclisse has chosen to develop high quality products where aesthetics and functionality meet. Functionality because Eclisse’s pocket sliding door systems are built with particular attention both to the frame installer and the final user, with details and solutions studied in order to guarantee the highest performance of the product. Aesthetics to satisfy the requirements of all projects, whether they have standard measurement or not, Eclisse offers to its customer the freedom of choosing from a range of over 10’000 possible solutions, divided within 12 product collections.