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14oraitaliana, surfaces | Aroma Italiano Eco Design

14oraitaliana, timeless elegance. A design that seeks authenticity, playfully reinterpreting the classics, the art and matter.

14oraitaliana is a young company, inspiring designers and architects all over the world with innovative materials always following the latest trends in the field of ceramic tiles and surfaces resulting from the experience grown from ancient craftsmanship and the use of the most modern techniques of production in Italy.

The company’s vision it’s to strive for a true change of mentality. A constant creative path into which the “ECO VISION” philosophy can be embedded. Next to the stone material there is room for new elements like porcelain stoneware, concrete, resins, together with the usage of recycled and eco-compatible materials like glass, cellulose and natural pigments.

14oraitaliana’s latest collections combine originality, innovation and research in a true creative exercise. Playful reinterpretation of the earthenware, the typical tiling of ancient stately residences; the research in the artistic field that reproduces the strokes of Giorgio Morandi on porcelain stoneware, as an homage to the most famous Italian painters of the 900’s; and the inspirationfrom natural materials like wood, exalting the textures, shapes and colors.

14oraitaliana, inspiring made in Italy.