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Kolorines Surface Design | Aroma Italiano Eco Design

Kolorines is affirmed worldwide as a reference brand in the outdoor project field.

The beauty, quality and versatility of design, blend of ancient handcraft techniques and innovative industrial technologies, makes the production of authentic Venetian mosaics contemporary for swimming pools, spa and covering. A rich range of mosaics: veined, iridescent, colored, translucent, opaque. Committed to a policy of respect for the environment and sustainable development, Kolorines has implemented in the production process LEED, a Green Building Council (USGBC) guaranteed improvement system for minimizing the environmental impact, based on two different ways of recycling.

POST CONSUMPTION: reuse of waste glass in the production process of the mosaic.
MOSAIC PRE-CONSUMPTION: recovery of broken or imperfect mosaic into the regular manufacturing process, thus valuing material waste.