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Ideal Standard.

Ideal Standard Bathroom Design | Aroma Italiano Eco Design

One-hundred years of passion for water.

Ideal Standard has a century of history in research and innovation, focused on water, wellbeing, functionality and beauty. Sanitation and plumbing fixtures, taps, fittings and other complementary furniture elements designed by the most renown international designers, notably awarded with the Red Dot Design Award and iF Design Award. Sturdy, reliable and aesthetically pleasing elements, devised to last in time and respond to the most diverse market requirements. A path ceaselessly devoted to research of quality and safety incompliance with the highest standards in technological innovation, choice of materials, careful development of functional parts, strict check-ups and testing.

Ideal Standard was the first company in Italy to be awarded the Certiquality certification, complying with the disciplinary directive DTP40 as a socially responsible company.